Drummers are the backbone of any band, setting the tempo and driving the music forward. When searching for gifts for drummers, it’s important to consider their personal style, preferences, and skill level. Here are some fantastic gift ideas that are sure to make any drummer’s heart skip a beat:

Drum Kit: The Ultimate Gift for Drummers

A drum kit is every drummer’s dream come true. It allows them to unleash their creativity and showcase their talent. Whether you opt for an acoustic or electronic drum kit, this gift will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression. Brands like Pearl, Yamaha, and Roland offer a wide range of drum kits suitable for beginners and professionals alike. So, get ready to make some noise and gift your drummer a drum kit that will take their performances to new heights!

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Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit ($431)
  • Premium Drumset
  • Diverse Sound Options
  • Educational Features
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Pearl Roadshow Drum Set 5-Piece Complete Kit ($699)
  • Complete set
  • Adjustable stands
  • Sound preference
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Roland TD-02K ($449)
  • Unique Adjustable Stand
  • Versatile Drum Sounds
  • Built-in Metronome and Coaching Functions
  • Complete Drumming Experience
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Drumsticks: A Drummer’s Best Friend

Every drummer needs a trusty pair of drumsticks. These seemingly simple tools play a crucial role in creating captivating beats. When choosing drumsticks as a gift, consider factors like weight, material, and grip. Popular options include Vic Firth, Promark, and Zildjian drumsticks. With a variety of sizes and styles available, you can find the perfect pair that suits your drummer’s preferences.

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Vic Firth American Classic 5A Drum Sticks ($14)
  • The world’s best-selling stick!
  • Great all-around size and weight for any musical situation
  • Tear drop tip for rich cymbal sounds
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Promark Firegrain Forward 5A ($16)
  • Superior durability
  • Precise performance
  • Ideal length
  • Optimal diameter
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Zildjian David Grohl Artist Series Drumsticks ($14)
  • Unique Metallic, Two-Color Artwork
  • Enhanced Power
  • Acorn Shaped Tip
  • Designed for Heavy Rock
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Drum Accessories: Enhance the Drumming Experience

Drum accessories can greatly enhance a drummer’s playing experience. From drum pedals and cymbals to drum thrones and practice pads, there are numerous options to choose from. Brands like DW, Meinl, and Gibraltar offer high-quality drum accessories that are built to last. Help your drummer upgrade their setup with these essential tools and watch them elevate their performance.

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Donner Drumsticks Bag Holder ($19) View Price On Amazon
Evans RealFeel Drum Practice Pad ($19) View Price On Amazon
PDP By DW Drum Throne ($69) View Price On Amazon
Aucuda Drum Rug ($59) View Price On Amazon
ProMark Drum Gloves ($56) View Price On Amazon
Shure SE215 PRO Wired Earbuds ($99) View Price On Amazon
Gator Cases Protechtor ($168) View Price On Amazon
Soundbrenner Pulse Metronome Watch ($119) View Price On Amazon
Zildjian Planet Z Cymbal Set ($239) View Price On Amazon

Drumming Books: Expand Musical Knowledge

Knowledge is power, and drumming books are an excellent gift choice for drummers seeking to expand their musical knowledge. Whether it’s instructional books, sheet music collections, or biographies of legendary drummers, there’s a vast selection available. Some notable titles include “Stick Control” by George Lawrence Stone, “The Drumset Musician” by Rick Mattingly, and “The History of Rock Drumming” by Daniel Glass. These books offer valuable insights and inspiration for drummers of all levels.

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The Drummer’s Toolbox: The Ultimate Guide to Learning 100 (+1) Drumming Styles View Price On Amazon
The Best Beginner Drum Book View Price On Amazon
Stick Control: For the Snare Drummer View Price On Amazon

Drum Lessons: A Gift of Learning

For drummers looking to refine their skills or beginners just starting their musical journey, drum lessons are an invaluable gift. Whether in-person or online, drum lessons provide structured guidance and personalized instruction. Many accomplished drummers offer lessons, and platforms like Drumeo and Lessonface connect students with experienced instructors. Treat your drummer to the gift of learning and watch them flourish behind the kit.

Drummer Merchandise: Show Some Drumming Pride

Drummers take pride in their craft, and drummer merchandise allows them to showcase their passion to the world. From t-shirts and hoodies to hats and keychains, there’s an array of merchandise available featuring drumming-related designs and slogans. Websites like Drum Bum and Etsy offer a wide selection of drummer-themed products that make for unique and thoughtful gifts.

FAQs about Gifts for Drummers

FAQ 1: What are the best gifts for beginner drummers?

Answer: Beginner drummers would greatly appreciate gifts such as practice pads, drumsticks, metronomes, and beginner drumming books. These items will help them develop essential skills and build a strong foundation in drumming.

FAQ 2: Are electronic drum kits a good gift for experienced drummers?

Answer: Yes, electronic drum kits can be an excellent gift for experienced drummers. They offer versatility, quiet practice options, and access to a wide range of sounds and effects that can inspire creativity.

FAQ 3: What are some unique novelty gifts for drummers?

Answer: If you’re looking for something unique and fun, consider novelty gifts like drum-shaped mugs, drumstick pens, drumstick bags, or drum-shaped USB drives. These items add a touch of drumming flair to everyday life.

FAQ 4: Where can I find high-quality drum accessories?

Answer: You can find a wide selection of high-quality drum accessories at music stores, both online and offline. Popular online retailers like Sweetwater, Guitar Center, and Thomann offer a vast range of drum accessories to choose from.

FAQ 5: Can you recommend any online platforms for drum lessons?

Answer: Absolutely! Online platforms like Drumeo, Lessonface, and DrumsTheWord provide a wealth of drum lessons for students of all levels. They offer video tutorials, live lessons, and access to a vibrant drumming community.

FAQ 6: Are there any drumming scholarships available for aspiring drummers?

Answer: Yes, there are several drumming scholarships available for aspiring drummers. Organizations like the Percussive Arts Society and the Berklee College of Music offer scholarships and grants to talented drummers who demonstrate exceptional skills and dedication.


Gifts for drummers should be as vibrant and exciting as the art of drumming itself. Whether you choose a drum kit, drumsticks, accessories, educational resources, or novelty items, your gift is sure to ignite their passion for drumming. Remember to consider their skill level, preferences, and aspirations when selecting the perfect gift. So, go ahead and surprise the drummer in your life with a gift that will make their heart beat with joy!