Drumming is an essential part of many music genres, and drumsticks are the essential tool for drummers. However, drumsticks are prone to breaking, which can be frustrating and disruptive for drummers.

In this blog post, we will discuss the causes of broken drumsticks, ways to prevent them, and methods to repair them.

Causes of Broken Drumsticks

  • Improper technique – Drumsticks can break if the drummer is not using the proper technique. For example, if the drummer is hitting the drum too hard or at the wrong angle, the stick can break easily.
  • Using the wrong type of drumstickDifferent types of drumsticks are designed for different purposes and playing styles. Using the wrong type of stick can lead to breakage.
  • Wear and tear – Regular use of drumsticks can lead to wear and tear, which can cause them to break.
  • Playing on hard surfaces – Playing on hard surfaces such as concrete or metal can cause drumsticks to break more easily.

Prevention of Broken Drumsticks

  • Proper technique – The most important way to prevent broken drumsticks is to use proper technique. This includes hitting the drum at the right angle and with the right amount of force.
  • Choosing the right type of drumstick – It’s crucial to choose the right type of drumstick for your playing style and the type of music you’re playing.
  • Regular maintenance – Regularly inspecting and maintaining your drumsticks can help prolong their life and prevent breakage.
  • Playing on appropriate surfaces – Playing on softer surfaces such as wood or rubber can decrease the likelihood of breaking drumsticks.

How to repair broken drumsticks

  • Superglue method – This is a quick and easy method for repairing broken drumsticks. Simply apply superglue to the broken end and allow it to dry.
  • Dowel and glue method – This method involves gluing a dowel rod to the broken end of the drumstick to reinforce it.
  • Replacement method – If the drumstick is severely damaged, it may be best to replace it entirely.


In summary, broken drumsticks can be caused by improper technique, using the wrong type of stick, wear and tear, and playing on hard surfaces.

To prevent broken drumsticks, it’s essential to use proper technique, choose the right type of stick, maintain them regularly, and play on appropriate surfaces.

If drumsticks do break, they can be repaired using superglue, a dowel and glue, or by replacement. By following these tips, drummers can keep their sticks in top condition and avoid interruptions in their playing.