Can I order directly from you?

We have an outstanding group of dealers supporting our company, stocking our drums, and taking orders from our customers. Please see the Dealers page to find your closest dealer and contact them to purchase C&C drums.

I live in a location that isn’t close to one of your dealers, how can I order C&C drums?

Our dealers are well versed in shipping drums safely, and efficiently. We also offer drop shipments from our factory directly to your door. Please contact your closest dealer for more information.

I live outside of the United States, how can I purchase C&C Drums?

There is a great group of international dealers and distributors supporting our company and stocking our drums. You can find international dealers on the Dealer page, and there is also a link to C&C Europe and C&C Australia at the bottom of each page on this web site.

Can I customize one of your retail lines?

In short, yes you can, but the drums become more expensive and turnaround times are lengthened. We have taken our most popular orders from the past and our personal favorite looks, sounds, and features and compiled them to create our retail drum lines. This helps us keep costs down by being able to stock the items that we frequently use and we can expedite production time, as well.

Do you produce and use your own drum shells?

We have been manufacturing our own drum shells in our factory since the summer of 2010. We are proud of the shells we manufacture. They are the key to the unique tone of our drums and what sets us apart from every other company

Where can I purchase replacement parts and drum heads?

Please visit the Shop page on this website. You can purchase replacement parts and drum heads, as well as merchandise and other items that we love to use and recommend purchasing to round out your drum collection.

Can I purchase your shells to build my own drums?

While it is true that we once sold our shells to the public, we are not currently offering this service. If you keep a close eye on our Store, you might see a one off shell pop up every now and again.

Am I able to visit your factory for a tour?

Due to safety restrictions, we are not able to open our factory to the public at this time.

How do you recommend cleaning and caring for my C&C drums?

We like to use a soft towel to remove dust and dirt, and a light mist of water as needed. Your drums should be kept in a climate controlled space free from extreme temperature and humidity fluctuations, and away from direct sunlight. Dramatic changes in climate or exposure to moisture can cause warped drum shells and deplying as well as the formation of rust on metal parts.