Top 10 Best Electronic Drum Sets That You Can Get Right Now! (2023)

Want to practice drums at home without much noise? Are you struggling to expand your drum sound range and control your live recording sound? The best electronic drum sets will satisfy all your requirements.

Whether a novice or a professional drummer, you need the most objective information and review to choose the best electric drum sets.

If you need help figuring out where to start, this detailed review is for you! After much searching and testing, I’ve selected the top 10 best electronic drum sets that stand out most in terms of sound quality, price, versatility, and durability.

Let’s explore them to pick one right now!

Best Electronic Drum Kits: Our Top Picks

Each player with different levels and needs will have expectations about electronic drums. After a long time, I have selected the top 10 best electronic drum kits that meet the user experience and support technology well.

Carefully consider my suggestions in this article. You’re sure to find the perfect drum set for your practice and performance.

1. Alesis Nitro Mesh – Best for Overall

Alesis Nitro Mesh
Good support for beginners.
Suitable for modern drummers.
Ready to provide audio on request.
Authentic and immersive experience.
The core sound is ideal for many music types.
It does not come with a throne

Alesis has always been my favorite music equipment brand. Every time I use devices from Alesis, I am always satisfied with its revolutionary support features that help unleash creativity. And the Nitro Mesh Kit is no exception.

This drum set includes 10 pieces: an 8″ dual-zone snare pad, an 8″ Tom pad, 4 10″ Cymbals, a Kick Pedal, a drum kick, and HiHat Pedal. It also includes an additional hardware expansion pack, making it possible to create sound on demand anytime.

From the very first use, I was impressed with this grid drum model’s authentic and immersive experience.

The Alesis Nitro Mesh is the most representative of the electronic drum line. It provided a natural feel and muted response that any modern drummer will love.

In particular, this drum sample can produce double bass and a bell-like sound that is quite impressive.

This particular advantage probably comes from the larger cushion when hitting the center more and the highly durable cymbals, which will produce a high-pitched sound.

After many tries, it became clear that the inductor on its crash was not as impressive as I had imagined. It has unique dead spots on its side. So, I can’t perform complex technical moves with my drumsticks.

However, it is easy to fold up for storage in any corner of my house. Its surprisingly light weight makes it easy to move it anywhere I want. Of course, its construction is sturdy enough for me to use for a long time.

In addition to providing an immersive and expressive hitting experience, this set of drums overwhelmed me with its core sound repertoire.

It took me quite a while to dig through the 40 ready-to-play collections. In particular, most core sounds, such as acoustic drums or cymbals, are carefully and professionally selected.

This drum set also integrates 60 tracks playing at the same time. I haven’t harnessed this feature’s full power until combined with a metronome and sequencer. It was only when I mastered these tools that I was amazed at the impressive performance of the Nitro Mesh Kit.

This feature is handy for beginners. I recommend this instrument to people who have never been exposed to electronic drums before. Most players have responded exceptionally well to the ability to develop drumming skills that the device brings.

Because of its low price, you will only be able to expect a little from the accompanying membranes. I recommend connecting this drum to your computer/laptop for the best playing optimization. Then you should use EZDrummer or some other software to help filter the most realistic sounds.

I have a relatively satisfactory experience with the Alesis Nitro Mesh. However, I won’t give it an absolute score because this drum set doesn’t have a throne.

Beginners will recognize this drawback later. However, after only a period of use, new players will have to look for a throne model for a better user experience.

Its other downside is its poor shipping and warranty service. My kit was missing a couple of foot screws. So, despite contacting Amazon and support from Alesis, I am still waiting for a satisfactory response to resolve this issue.

2. Roland TD-1K – Best for Home Drummers

Roland TD-1K
Ideal for home drummers.
Built-in with useful exercise software.
Support creating music by computer.
The control panel is easy to operate.
Monitor the metronome and more via the LED display.
Fewer spacer positioning options.

When I first started learning about electronic drums, I was introduced to the Roland V-Drums series by quite a few experts. This model is the best choice, even for demanding professional drummers.

After experimentation, I knew why this electronic drum set was so popular.

At first, its initial setup was more tricky than I imagined. But it’s compact enough and moves lightly with solid sound quality.

It also comes with responsive touch to help my son practice the basic skills. My 8-year-old son completed his school performance perfectly with this electric drum a few days ago. His hand easily held the beat and followed the basic music theory instructions, which surprised and delighted me more.

Its beat changes very quickly, in just a few seconds. So, practicing with new recordings is simpler than ever.

This compact drum set inherits all the advantages that have made the product line famous: durability, quality, and authenticity.

Do you believe more than the advantages are needed to meet your home drum enjoyment needs? My experiences with this drum set may make you rethink.

Roland TD-1K has a compact and modern design. It fits perfectly into my limited space.

Its kicker-less pedal is also specially designed to minimize noise. Therefore, I can practice at home whenever I need to, but I don’t worry about noise issues.

Another exciting thing is the easily adjustable drum rack. Therefore, I practice regularly, and my son has his first musical experience with the TD-1K. It also includes a trainer function and integration with metronome and metronome.

These items are all aimed at building player skills. And I greatly appreciate the effectiveness of the exercises it provides.

I also regularly change the cymbal height and snare angle to get a new drumming style. The experience is quite enjoyable and relaxing, making it impossible for me to stop experimenting with unique playstyles.

I also appreciate its simplicity. I bought this drum set when I first learned about electronic drums. And the simple operation surprised me. I could access all the features with just a few taps on the control panel.

In particular, the instrument set also comes with an LED display. Hence, I can control the metronome and other simulated sounds effectively.

Another impressive experience in the TD-1K is the ability to create music using a computer.

Unlike traditional electronic kits, TD-1K also supports audio recording via USB cable. I don’t need to prepare hardware to interface with music software. Instead, I needed to use the USB cable connected to the built-in interface to unlock the apps that Roland offers for free.

Regarding Roland’s free apps, I can’t help but praise the V-Drums training software. I spent quite a bit of time practicing with this built-in software. And this training software, with tons of features, has helped me hone my skills.

It is no coincidence that the Roland TD-1K is loved and widely used worldwide. This high-quality drum model will hold its ground for a long time because of its many impressive features for home drummers.

However, before choosing this drum kit, you must consider some disadvantages, such as few pad positioning options and no built-in sticks and speakers.

3. Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit – Best for Beginners

Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit
Built-in free touch app.
Unique, innovative gasket.
Support creating your sounds.
Stimulate interest in exercise.
10 training functions for beginners.
No headset.

When consulting for beginners to play electronic drums, I get questions about how to build skills quickly. Besides giving expert advice, I recommend practicing drums with the Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit.

The most significant difference between the DTX402K and many pro models is its subtle design and improved pads.

At first contact, I should have paid more attention to these features. However, after only a few uses, I couldn’t stop practicing with the Yamaha drum kit. It has changed my practice style, making working with music more enjoyable.

In addition to the above advantages, the DTX402K offers quite a few features that amateur electronic drummers will appreciate.

This electronic drum set includes 10 sound generators, 10 songs, and 10 training functions. I only had time to test some of its 287 drum and percussion sounds. However, I created my sound set out of this kit and got quite a few reviews.

I have also used the toolkit’s training mode during my beginner’s tutorial. My students are interested in testing its 10 training functions to get creative with different musical genres.

Also, the drum kit comes with a completely free touch app. Even without guidance from an instructor, beginners can still develop their drumming skills.

Finally, I appreciate the sound creation options Yamaha has to offer. It allows me to use a USB to connect the module to the computer, completing the recording.

It also supports navigating the modules and recording through the mobile app available on iOS and Android. With the Yamaha DTX402K, recording has never been easier.

It took me over 2 hours to set up and integrate the final accessories. However, I suggest adding an audio amplifier or powered headphones with a 1/8-inch jack.

With this version, you will have a wide selection of drum styles to perform. Also, the easy-to-understand control panel gives quick feedback for your navigation.

This model takes up a lot of space for the overall size of my instrument room. So I usually can’t fix it to a particular position. Luckily, it’s available for me to fold easily and stow away in my bedroom.

Its kick pedal design is exceptionally responsive to low latency, which is not much different from any traditional real drum. So, I can perform the most complex mixes with little error.

For the downside, although its cymbals are unique, it doesn’t resonate as far as the real ones, but I can get used to the drum feel over time. Its texture is still accurate and highly stable enough for me to handle the essential tracks.

Up to now, I still recommend the DTX402K to anyone starting their first lessons with electronic drums. However, for me, this model still has some minus points.

Some annoying issues I’ve encountered are the need for more simulated sound and an efficient power supply unit. So, getting the best performance out of the box is almost impossible.

4. Roland TD-17KVX-S Electronic Drum Set – Best for Improving Skills

Roland TD-17KVX-S Electronic Drum Set
50 high-quality drum sets.
Creating a signature sounds easy.
Natural and dynamic sound.
Activate drums with simple operation.
The coaching function measures progress.
It does not support 1/4 audio output

The Yamaha DTX402K is the ideal choice for beginners as well as amateur drummers. Yet, to further develop your skills, you’ll need long-term strenuous practice with the Roland TD-17KVX-S.

This electronic drum set impresses with its natural sound. Its timbre will not be too deep but instead quite rich and dynamic. If you are not impressed with this sound, the toolkit supports easy customization to create unique tracks.

To make a Roland-specific drum sound work, you should arrange the sound components and trap sounds in a particular order.

I also regularly add ambient elements. With the TD-17’s convenient controls, I created a signature drum sound with a distinctly personal timbre.

I also highly recommend this drum set because of its supportive features for new drummers.

Unlike many competitors, the TD-17KVX-S has a good balance between the sound engine and the pads. Taking full advantage of these unique features will give you the feel of a real acoustic drum. As a result, I could practice hand, foot, and neck coordination for hours without worrying about noise.

I also frequently use the instrument’s built-in training function. This function both measures my progress and offers quite a few motivational challenges. I can’t claim this coaching function can make you great. However, the TD-17 can help you improve your skills.

Besides the commendable advantages above, Roland conquered me with many other impressive features. For instance, it has all the accessories a professional drummer will need, 50 high-quality drum kits, simple drum pattern triggers, and snare strings for a realistic and satisfying bounce.

My only complaint about this electronic drum set is the quality of the controller. The controller I got only supports midi and 1/8 audio output. It’s a big drawback as most drums I own work with 1/4 audio output.

However, I have overcome this drawback by using adapters. Overall, the few output options don’t affect the drum kit experience for those looking to upskill.

Its most significant selling point is its responsive Bluetooth connection, which wirelessly makes it easy to work with electronic music on my laptop.

When I received this product, I was surprised by its sturdy packaging. Yet, its pedals seem less precise than previous models I’ve used. So, it took me days to get used to and properly calibrate my drumming, especially on the double basses.

My only complaint is its rack texture. While this version comes with sturdy swingarms, I prefer compact and foldable designs. Or at least the manufacturer can shorten its length to optimize space for users.

This version has all you need to start learning the basic techniques. Its modular cords make it easy for me to add cymbals to my complex performances.

Its included integrations support my technical work very well. Yet, if you want to integrate more auxiliary drums, you may need another module. Although you can upgrade this template, it may not perform as effectively as you would like.

5. Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit – Best for Natural Response

Alesis Drums Surge Mesh Kit
Allow quick recording
Premium feedback.
Natural drumming feeling.
Support various connections
Include all necessary accessories
Poor tonal diversity

After years of playing electronic drums, I have acquired the secret to an immersive drumming experience. I needed a drum kit that gave me a perfect playing feel and natural response. And Alesis Drums Surge Mesh is one of the few that meets this requirement.

I have used quite a few different electronic drum models. However, when I first tested the Alesis Surge Mesh Kit, I was still amazed at its natural feel and premium response.

I also can’t complain about the quality of the Surge Mesh Kit’s original sound set.

It has 350 built-in sounds from various instruments and 40 professional kits. In any case, I can take advantage of this essential sound store to unleash my creativity, recording, and performance.

In particular, I often favor using the Surge Mesh Kit to record my performances.

Explaining this choice, the feeling of natural comfort is one reason. But the main reason I have kept my recording habits the same over the years is the instrument’s covered connectivity.

It captures my performance quickly and authentically. The drum kit also supports connecting a music player to an auxiliary input to add effects to the track. It also lets me promptly record using the onboard USB/MIDI input.

The variety of accessories is another advantage that makes me rate the Surge Mesh Kit higher than other models in its class. This kit includes drum keys, drumsticks, power supplies, and others.

Instead of buying some extra accessories, I needed to spend a few minutes setting up and then enjoying the immersive drumming experience.

Everything related to Alesis Drums Surge Mesh in my early use was great.

However, after a long experience, I discovered the problem with the drum kit module. I have detected some sounds in the module that are quite similar. And they’re pretty jarring and are pitch-tuned to make a difference.

Beginners will be okay with this problem. Yet, below is a big drawback for audio professionals practicing to improve their skills.

Fortunately, the sound becomes more vivid when using software to connect the module to a laptop. The software I use is EZdrummer and if you have the same problem, try improving the sound this way.

This model unexpectedly surpassed my expectations for the tones variety with over 300 different sounds. You can adjust the tone of each high-up or low-down flexibly with just a few small operations.

In other words, you can easily mix and create thousands of different mixes with this electronic drum set that outshines all of the instruments on my list.

I tried adding a cheap Fender amplifier, and with luck, the resulting tones were sharper and more accurate. While everything can’t match previous Roland or Alesis models, I love its efficient sound production.

Its pedals are responsive enough that my father, a 67-year-old, still navigates the powerful tones accurately to satisfy his fascination with the instrument.

In the past, I was hesitant to consider an electromagnetic drum model and a traditional one. Ultimately, this Surge Mesh Kit did not disappoint with my pick.

6. Alesis Command Mesh – Best for Realistic Playing

Alesis Command Mesh
Stimulate creativity.
Realistic playing experience.
The natural response is a great feeling.
Provide many helpful command drum modules
Support auxiliary input to increase track effects.
Cymbals and loose rubber soles

I have always had a particular interest in net drums. These instruments always provide a more realistic experience than other popular designs. And the Alesis Command Mesh is an example!

Even amateur players can feel the difference that the Alesis Command Mesh Kit brings to the first use.

The playability of the drum kit is also among the best in its class. So, I can’t complain about the great feel and natural response on this mesh drum.

But to deserve to be on the list of best electronic drum sets, the product needs more than just an authentic playing experience. Alesis has provided some exciting features that any modern drummer will appreciate.

Accordingly, this version includes 8 pieces, including 3 cymbals, three net tom pieces, a dual-zone tongue trap, and a stirrup stone tower cushion with stirrups.

It took me over a month to get used to these tools. And the result after my practice is virtually limitless play expression, great feel, and natural response.

Like many other electronic drum kits, the Alesis Command Mesh includes several command drum modules. And unlike the Surge Mesh Kit above, Command Mesh’s modularity completely conquered me.

Its sound module includes 70 kits, 60 tracks, and 600 electronic drum sounds. Surprisingly, everything is impressive, which significantly helps the creative and recording process.

The Alesis Command Mesh is a complete drum set. Therefore, the recording step also provides quite a lot of practical support. I often use Feature Packed – Sequencer to record drum performance and auxiliary input to add effects to my favorite tracks.

Also, I often use the onboard USB/MIDI input to quickly and conveniently record and control audio.

The realism that the Alesis Command Mesh brought to me stimulated my creativity. Although quite satisfied with the experience, I do not appreciate its build quality.

After only a few months, I noticed that the cymbal base and rubber were starting to loosen. And this disadvantage dramatically affects performance.

The manufacturer provided me with replacement cymbals. Yet the problem lies in the adhesive and the rubber sole. The manufacturer will overcome the disadvantages in the following versions to perfect this relatively impressive electronic drum set.

Many colleagues warned me about the rubber coming out of the cymbals. But after a few months, I still have not encountered any complicated technical problems. My drumsticks barely miss a beat, even at fast drumming speeds.

It even has perfect performance with low latency. Although I don’t know how long it’s stable, I’m wondering why I didn’t bring it home sooner.

Its imprecise cymbals make me feel cheap. Although it comes with the standard construction, its dynamics could be more effective for my controls.

Its precise 2-tier construction is especially suitable for beginners. Yet, in the most complex mixes, professional drummers will feel the apparent limitation of this parallel 2-row structure.

7. Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set – Best for Kids

Roland TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit Entry-Level V-Drums Set
Quiet pads.
Good support for beginners.
Connecting peripherals is simple.
10 fun game-like training functions.
The realistic feel is similar to acoustic drums.
The high hat pedal continuously slides forward.

I always encourage parents to expose young children to musical instruments from an early age to practice discipline and determination. And electronic drums are one of the most engaging musical instruments for young children, providing a priceless experience.

If your little girl or boy is interested in drums, especially electronic drums, consider investing in the Roland TD-1DMK Set.

As the name suggests, this electronic drum set has quite a few features specifically for beginners. Among them, I was attracted by 10 diverse training functions and modules. I have used these features to improve my timekeeping skills, developing the most basic drumming techniques.

Unlike the function of competitors from Alesis, Roland’s 10 functions work like a game. Most young children are pretty excited to participate in the practice.

Another impressive advantage, which significantly supports the practice of young children, is the quiet pad. As a result, children can practice unlimited drums in their room.

In addition to being aimed at children, the Roland TD-1DMK is also an ideal choice for amateur drummers learning about electronic drums.

When using TD 1 DKM, you will no longer feel that drumming is too complicated. Because with the simple yet powerful module, you can create any music.

I was also quite surprised with the Roland dual mesh pads. It is explicitly designed for traps and electronic drums, but the feel is similar to the acoustic drum experience.

I also tried enhancing my experience by adjusting the tension. The result was quite surprising: I got a relatively realistic and impressive drumming experience. Beginner players will be even more surprised than I am. Roland’s experience can change their mind about the difficult electronic drum control.

Since it’s geared toward those starting to play drums, Roland has simplified the connection of the TD-1DMK Dual-Mesh Kit. The instrument only requires a power connection and headphones/monitor speakers. I started creating realistic and engaging sounds with just a few simple steps.

Finally, I love this Roland drum set because it is compact and easy to move. This feature will be handy if you can perform electronic drums at many different events quickly. Or, it’s convenient for you to move the drum into another room in your home.

The TD-1DMK is a simple electronic drum model to support beginners, amateur drummers, and young children.

However, like many products I have introduced, this Roland drum set still has some disadvantages. The significant problem is that the pedal needs to be fixed. After each recording, I had to lift the high-hat pedal back to its original position.

Despite paying more, I am still satisfied with the overall quality of the Roland TD-1DMK. After more than 30 minutes of the complete setup, I tested the simplest to the most complex tracks. Surprisingly, it didn’t emit any noise, with the cymbals working efficiently at full power.

After getting acquainted with the controller, I started creating and mixing according to its manuals. Luckily, after many unsuccessful trials, I could create novel and authentic acoustic chords. Meanwhile, its sharp drumsticks give me a lot of inspiration to develop and practice.

Yet, its weak point, its slippery pedals, make it very difficult for me to handle. Even though I have added small pads, their friction is insufficient to keep my feet in place.

8. Alesis DM10 Studio Kit MKII – Best for Professional Performance

Alesis DM10 Studio Kit MKII
Solid stand.
Rich sound library.
Professional performance.
Support to upload audio quickly and efficiently.
Ideal performance for both studio and live performance.
In some cases, customization is quite tricky.

The Alesis DM10 Studio Kit MKII embodies professional performance from size and quality to sensitivity. According to the manufacturer’s data, this drum set is not full-size. Yet, I see that it is the same as the standard-sized options.

It still includes 10 premium components with an exclusive design. I have always appreciated this design style, which feels quite authentic at first contact.

But the DM10 Studio Kit is more than just an option with an impressive and professional design. Its performance also shows quite well in the studio and live performance.

When there is a need to perform, I will often use 6 drum pads combined with a chrome-plated buckle. Meanwhile, I take advantage of the built-in pro module with the instrument set in the studio.

This model meets both the quantity and quality needs of any professional player.

Its sound library consists of 80 drum kits. I’ve used quite a few of the 700 available sounds and voices and have had a good experience.

In addition to using the built-in templates, I also extend my module by uploading sounds. The 99-acre expansion space is an advantage that only appears in the Alesis DM10, undoubtedly useful for professional drummers.

In addition to the above impressive features, this high-performance electronic drum set also impresses with many other optimal advantages.

Some of the features I appreciate and use most often are three riding zones, an impressive pad feel, sturdy mounts, high-nose pedal controls, and more.

However, besides the advantages, this drum set still has some problems. Its module uses only a single plug. This disadvantage makes it only possible for me to customize the layout with the extenders.

I also don’t appreciate the design with only two expansion pad inputs, which makes further customization difficult.

While using the splitter to correct the defect, I had to accept the dual-zone removal on the pad, which was not an overly comfortable experience.

The pads are a good fit for my feet, while the cymbals work great with quick feedback despite its more complicated internal chokes than I thought.

It took me a long time to get used to the improvements in this model and make adjustments to my liking. Although performance has many significant advantages, it still has many disadvantages that you should consider.

First, this template does not work silently as advertised. My kicking drums resonated far away and affected my neighbors’ houses around me.

Also, the drumsticks are much more fragile than I expected. While it’s still very accurate and responsive, it’s not durable enough for many years. Other than that, I can’t add more cymbals for complex mixes.

9. Roland TD-07KV – Best for Budget

Roland TD-07KV
Solid material.
Rich and realistic sound.
Pre-installed tools are highly applicable.
Built-in innovative and convenient Bluetooth.
Support many powerful customization tools.
The problem is hi-hat activation.

The TD-07KV belongs to Roland’s famous V-Drums series. This drum set inherits all the impressive advantages, such as realism and outstanding sound quality.

I feel its authentic sounds when I use the pedals. Its dedicated stone cushion provides an exceptionally comfortable and impressive experience.

The Roland TD-07KV is unlike any electronic drum model I’ve ever used. It does not provide drum tones calculated at different pitches. On the contrary, it delivers a rich, authentic, and inspiring tonal range.

It even shows off every keynote, hit, flam, and many other critical techniques in a completely natural way.

Meanwhile, the sound quality is its outstanding advantage. It supports quite a few powerful customization tools. Although I have heard many different sound sets before, this is the first time I have tested a powerful tool like the TD 07KV.

In every recording, I have recorded a recording with precise detail when using a Roland drum kit. Even my acoustic drum recordings are equal to any products from professional studios.

This drum set is not only a good support for the creative and recording process. It is also a performance option worth considering.

I spent many months researching the TD-07 pre-installed tools. And to this day, I still enjoy swapping traps, mixing toms, and hitting big drums.

During performances, I often use the individual EQ feature. I also shape the drums and create professional studio-grade sound during performances.

This set is a pleasant challenge for me because of its ease of installation. I almost finished the final setup in about 30 minutes with popular tutorials on the internet.

Plus, it’s compact enough to save space around my tight room. So I can buy additional speakers and other accessories to support my music.

I appreciate its robust and stable hardware. Its price is much lower than similar sets. However, I also faced discomforts common with low-cost models, such as irregular drum beats or loose textures.

In contrast, the TD 07KV is made from sturdy and quality materials. The stand is solid but not less flexible. I can customize the air quite easily to get the most comfortable drumming experience.

Bluetooth integration is a commendable feature of this good-budget electronic drum set. Only a few devices support playing music on intelligent machines and listening to audio wirelessly, like the experience that TD 07KV brings.

You can use traditional connection methods such as MIDI data recording, cable, and USB if you do not have a Bluetooth device.

The Roland TD-07KV has completely changed my mind about affordable musical instruments. It has too many impressive features and upgrade options.

Yet, there are better choices than this instrument. For a long time, I had some problems activating hi-hat. The crash frequency is manageable but still makes manipulating funk tracks difficult.

10. Alesis Strikeprose Super Drum with 18 Sounds – Best for Durability

Alesis Strikeprose Super Drum with 18 Sounds
Eye-catching design.
Great melodic sound.
No adjustments are required.
Provide an authentic user experience.
The module cannot make MIDI comments.

Alesis strike prose Super Drum with 18 Sounds is a costly electronic drum set. I had to consider quite a lot before investing in this drum set. After more than a year, I have no regrets about my decision.

Good looks are one of the reasons why I need to pay attention to the Alesis strike pose. Its drum head design is quite interesting, giving it a relatively realistic feel. Sometimes I even confuse this electric instrument with an actual traditional drum set.

Yet, a beautifully designed drum set can still disappoint players because of its disproportionate quality. Fortunately, Alesi’s strike prose is not in this case.

This drum set includes Tom pads and traps in perfect quality. Meanwhile, its bass drum also works quite well.

I highly appreciate the hi-hat of the drum kit. This unit has been dramatically adjusted compared to previous versions of the Alesis electronic drum kit.

However, these changes have brought a favorable new wind. The robust sound quality of the Alesis stands out even more when compared to the crisp and smooth sound of some Roland drum models.

The above advantages have created an electric drum set with great sound and tone. I hardly need to adjust, but I still get the sound I want. The instrument set was always available for me to compose, perform, and record.

The Alesis strike prose Super Drum is also a relatively durable drum kit. I’ve been with it for quite a while. However, the cymbals, drumheads, and every other part of the drum set work quite well. This drum set promises to accompany me for a long time but still maintains an impressive sound.

Yet, besides durability and design, the Alesis strike prose super drum has some shortcomings that make me relatively uncomfortable.

Its biggest problem is that the module cannot send MIDI notes. It would be great if Alesis could add this feature to the drum kit.

Best Electronic Drum Sets: Buying Advice

After reading the list above, you are probably curious about how I selected the best electric drum set. Here are some criteria I consider in my selection process:


The brand is the first criterion you should consider when looking for an electric drum. There are many different brands of music equipment on the market.

However, few names can truly outshine the three iconic figures in the musical instrument industry: Roland, Yamaha, and Alesis.


Roland has spent many years researching and developing electronic musical instruments. With its relentless drive to innovate, it’s no wonder that Roland is a favorite brand for amateur and professional drummers alike.

The electronic drum models that appeared in 1985 possess quite a lot of impressive technology still in use today.

However, Roland only really confirmed its name in the world of musical instrument manufacturers when it launched the V-Drums product line.

This product line possesses many impressive advantages, such as good build quality and high efficiency. Until now, V-Drums is still an electric drum option worth considering.


Yamaha is a well-known brand producing electric guitars, saxophones, and acoustic guitars. Electronic drums are also Yamaha’s flagship product line, which has won the attention and support of many users worldwide.

Yamaha’s first electronic drum set was the DTX, released in 1986. After decades, Yamaha has continuously improved its products to offer different options to many customers.

Overall, the products from this brand impress with their reliability, impressive quality, and affordable price.


The electric drums I use come from Alesis. There are quite a few reasons why I highly recommend the Alesis electronic drum: high performance, low cost, ease of maintenance, and high portability.


For basic drummers, the module is the part that needs to be checked first. This unit will provide you with a wide tonal range, including acoustic drums, electronic sounds, and percussion.

The module also supports connection to music players and many other intelligent devices. It would help if you didn’t miss finding a suitable module for your practice and performance needs.

Rubber pads vs. mesh pads

There are currently two main electronic drum material choices: rubber or mesh padding. Latex mattresses stand out for their durability and low cost. Yet, a rubber pad probably will only meet the user’s needs.

Meanwhile, the net head has a relatively high retail price. However, the mesh is still a better choice if it is based on performance. During use, you will get the smoothness and comfort you need.

Some manufacturers, like Yamaha, have pioneered changes in gasket material. And the TCS is one of the most striking heads the brand has ever made.

This material strikes a good balance between durability and responsiveness to the mesh. Unfortunately, this technology has only appeared on Yamaha products instead of most electronic drum models currently on the market.


What are electric drums best in 2022?

Some of the most prominent electronic drum models in 2022 can be mentioned as Roland V-Drums TD-17KVX, Alesis Strike Pro SE, Alesis Nitro Mesh, and Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD506.

How much does an excellent electric drum set cost?

An excellent quality electronic drum kit will range in price from $4000 – $8000. It is a pretty high number. However, in return, you will get an authentic experience suitable for professional performances.

Is Roland better than Alesis?

Both Roland and Alesis are prominent names in the electronic music equipment industry. However, each brand has its impressive characteristics.

Alesis has a price advantage. Meanwhile, Roland is constantly improving product quality, adding many impressive features. As a result, the cost of Roland drum models is often a bit higher than average.

Is electronic drum sets worth it?

You will be happy investing in a quality electronic drum set.

The best electronic drum set will give you unlimited practice without worrying about noise. The toolkit also supports recording, playing through headphones, and many other special features.


Today’s electronic drums are developed with a wide variety of brands and products. However, the more choices you have, the harder it will be to find the best electronic drum sets for your needs.

In my experience, the Alesis Nitro Mesh is the best investment model for perfect overall playing performance. Meanwhile, the Yamaha DTX402K Customizable Electronic Drum Kit is a suitable version if you are a beginner.

Hopefully, the detailed reviews above have helped you choose a powerful tool for your practice, performance, and recording. Thank you for reading!