While you have probably put much effort into choosing a great drum set, buying good drum cases or bags is critical to ensure your drums stay free from damage.

Buying a set of drum cases and bags is especially necessary if you are a traveling musician and frequently carry your drums around.

Finding the best drum cases on the market can be challenging. So, to make your job easier, I have narrowed the list to a few products.

All the products mentioned in this list impressed me during my testing, and I would recommend them to you.

Drum Bags vs. Drum Cases vs. Road Cases

Drum Bags

These drum bags are affordable but will offer the least protection.

They are not quite heavy, making them the perfect choice for people constantly on the go. Drummers prefer to use them for quick gigs and storage at home.

Drum Cases

The hard-plastic drum case is the most popular pick for gigging drummers. They will offer solid protection but won’t make you break the bank.

They are a more expensive option than drum bags but offer the best protection from damage and even scratches. Each drum case may set you back around $100.

On the downside, drum cases don’t have wheels in most cases. In addition, they will make your kit significantly heavier.

Road Cases

Road Cases are the best choice to protect your drum set. They require a trailer and are usually the most expensive.

Touring drummers love road cases or hard cases for their drums. But you will probably need to customize them to match your drums.

  • Cheap.
  • Light and compact.
  • Convenient to carry.
  • Ideal for beginners and drummers that don’t dig too often.
  • Easy to store.
  • Provide a higher level of protection.
  • Many waterproof models are available.
  • Easy to store.
  • The best option for protecting your drums.
  • Have wheels.
  • Resistant to all impacts.
  • Suitable for expensive drum sets.
  • Do not provide the best protection.
  • Usually lack of wheels.
  • Expensive.
  • Bulky.
  • Heavy.
  • Difficult to store.

Which One Should You Buy?

Before deciding on the best pick for you, you will need to consider many things.

As we all know, drum bags are more affordable but offer the least protection.

Drum cases offer better protection and are more expensive, while road cases offer the best protection and are often very expensive.

Assuming your drum kit costs $500, perhaps investing in hard cases isn’t necessary unless you have a special affection for your drum set.

But if your drum set is worth $3000, you’ll want to consider road/drum cases instead of drum bags.

Drum bags are more suitable for beginners or drummers who don’t perform very often. They are ideal for protecting popular drum kits from typical knocks.

If you are a veteran drummer who often has to travel to many places in a day, drum cases or road cases will be your best bet.

In addition, you also need to know the size of your drum kit. If you already know, great! But if not, it is time to measure them. Specifically, you will need to measure each drum’s diameter and depth.

The Best Drum Cases & Bags Reviews Of 2022

#1 Gator Cases Protechtor – Best For Overall

Gator Cases Protechtor
Gator Cases Protechtor

Key features

Gator is one of the big brands in this industry. So you can expect high-quality drum cases at an affordable price from it. In addition, Gator rolls out different cases and bags to ensure anyone can find a suitable model.

This case set also meets the company’s high standards, with high durability and robust construction. It will allow you to accommodate all standard drum sets.

These bags are constructed with 600-denier nylon providing ultimate protection for the instrument. Their compact design is also helpful for those with limited storage space. The bag has a handle, allowing you to carry it easily.

This drum bag set is the best choice for my experience. It’s ideal for beginners and professionals who must protect their drums daily.

The Gator Set does not deliver as much protection as hard cases. Moreover, it is not waterproof. But for cheap drum bags, I believe it is one of the best choices.

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  • Durable nylon exterior
  • Collapsible design
  • Come with carrying straps
  • Value for money
  • 10mm padding and lining in the interior


  • May not hold up against rain

#2. Gearlux 5-Piece Set – Best For Value

Gearlux 5-Piece Set
Gearlux 5-Piece Set

Key features

Gearlux is also a top brand in the industry. It presents this high-quality and affordable gig bag set for a complete drum kit. It is the ideal choice for those who want to get easy portability and good protection for their drums.

The Gearlux’s 5-piece drum bag is equipped with 10mm of foam protection, and this set is my favorite and soon will be yours!

It is made for a 12-inches tom, 13-inches tom, 14-inches snare, 16-inches floor tom, and 22-inches bass drum.

All bags of this set feature handles, allowing you to transport your drums easily.

The durable canvas material on the bags’ outside and their silky nylon interior will allow them to last longer than expected. The durability of this drum case set amazes me.

All these bags have a simple design and are black. Furthermore, their handles should make moving them easy.

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  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy quality
  • Labeled for easy identification
  • Thick, durable canvas material


  • You will have to ensure the bags will fit your drums

#3. ProTec Heavy Ready – Best For Budget

ProTec Heavy Ready
ProTec Heavy Ready

Key features

The Pro-Tec Heavy Ready bag set is ideal for the drummer on a budget. Quality bags for a small price tag, the Standard Set fits the usual sizes for a beginning drum set and offers a smaller “fusion” size.

The bags of this set are made from durable nylon material and come with an additional layer of protective padding inside to safeguard your drums.

Even with the padding, I noticed they were collapsible when empty, allowing me to tuck away easily somewhere out of the way during a gig.

These bags may not be the best in terms of quality, but they do everything the best they can for their price. For under $25, I don’t think you can find anything better.

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  • Dense sponge padding
  • Available for many drums
  • Soft, non-abrasive interior lining
  • Come with an adjustable shoulder strap


  • Poor protection

#4. Sojourner 5 Piece Set – Best For Travel Drum Set

Sojourner 5 Piece Set
Sojourner 5 Piece Set

Key features

Sojourner is known for producing the best quality drum bags that will protect your drums under any circumstances, and this Sojourner 5 Piece Set is no exception.

This set includes five bags that come with high-quality double zippers. Thanks to that, you can expect them to protect your precious drums from spills and dirt.

I found it easy to get in and out of these bags during testing. It’s perfect for drummers who travel daily to catch up with different gigs.

The exterior of these great drum bags is heavy-duty, 600d poly, while their interior comes with 10 mm padded foam and a polyester lining. Therefore, you can rest assured that your drums will be safe in these bags.

I also tested these bags with some super fragile items like my bowls and cups. And I found that they are still very safe.

You can easily carry these drum bags thanks to the integrated shoulder and side straps. The outside of each drum bag also comes with a size tag, allowing you to identify them quickly and conveniently.

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  • Space Saving
  • Rugged Design
  • Decent Padding
  • Shoulder and side straps for easy to carry


  • Not the greatest quality stitching

The Best Drum Cases Reviews

#1. Hardcase Hrock 1 – Best For Overall

Hardcase Hrock 1
Hardcase Hrock 1

Key features

When talking about touring cases, Hardcase is one of the brands with a solid reputation.

These drum cases are very solid and can withstand high impact. Moreover, they are waterproof, promising to protect your expensive drum kit at all times.

Despite its hefty price tag, this drum case set is worth it, and you should invest in it if you can. Its drum case is durable, sturdy, and very stylish.

In addition, these cases are portable, thanks to their stackable design. It is easy to store them in the back of your car, ensuring excellent safety.

All the pieces of this Hardcase set feature grip pads that have high-density foam. Thanks to that, they will provide better protection and extra support.

In addition, my testing has proven that these pieces are indestructible and can take any physical impact without a scratch.

With the high level of protection that the Hardcase Hrock 1 pieces provide to your drums, you can rest assured that your drums won’t take any damage while you’re on the go.

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  • Reliable brand
  • Adjustable for width
  • Supportive grip pads
  • Easy to unpack and pack
  • Compatible with all sizes
  • Unbreakable and waterproof cases


  • Pricey

#2. SKB 1SKB-DRP2 – Best For High Durability


Key features

SKB is another big name in the industry that makes some of the best hard drum cases out there.

This brand has been producing drum cases for everything from drums to archery equipment. Its drum cases are very durable and deliver the highest level of protection.

This set includes sturdy and solid drum cases that can withstand high impact. In addition, they are also completely waterproof. So I believe they are the best drum cases to protect valuable equipment, including drums, while on the go.

If you are one gigging drummer playing frequent gigs and are looking for something more substantial than gig bags, the SKB 1SKB-DRP2 Drum Case set is the way to go.

These high-quality drum cases are unbreakable and completely waterproof, allowing them to withstand any physical impact and all weather.

They can withstand the roughness of the road, and you won’t have to worry about your drums getting damaged.

The drum cases have handles and straps, allowing you to carry them easily. But we recommend avoiding taking them by their straps. You should use their handles instead.

SKB 1SKB-DRP2 drum cases are incredibly resilient and tough, making them ideal for life on the road. They are the best choice for performing and touring drummers who require a higher level of protection than bags and soft cases.


  • Padded interiors
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Stackable design
  • Come with straps and handles


  • Not adjustable width
  • Design isn’t compact

#3. Humes & Berg Enduro Foam Lined – Best For Value

Humes & Berg Enduro Foam Lined
Humes & Berg Enduro Foam Lined

Key features

Humes & Berg have sold some of the best cases for drums, but their catalog is mediocre when talking about drum case sets. Their site does not mention any drum case set, only individual drum cases.

Fortunately, thanks to some stores like Sweetwater, you have a chance to own a set that includes these fantastic drum cases:

  • 22 x 18 inches: Bass Drum
  • 14 x 6.5 inches: Snare Drum
  • 12 x 09 inches: Tom 1
  • 10 x 08 inches: Tom 2
  • 14 x 14 inches: Floor Tom

These cases are made from high-quality polymer that resists impact and water. The thick foam inside can protect your drum hardware and finish effectively.

They are even strong and tough enough that I can sit on them without damaging anything inside them.

All drum cases come with two-inches wide straps to ensure they stay closed. In addition, they feature collapsible hinged steel handles allowing you to move them around easily.

Thanks to the self-stacking design, it is easy to stack these cases on top of each other to save space when you’re not using them.

Regarding their quality, I have nothing to complain about. But Humes & Berg does not offer full sets, so protecting your drum kit will be expensive.


  • Waterproof
  • Highly durable
  • Self-stacking design
  • Impact-resistant tough


  • Costly

The Best Road Cases Reviews

#1. OSP Cases – Best For Overall

OSP Cases
OSP Cases

Key features

Buying the OSP road case would be the best investment you will make as a drummer, whether for your brand new drum set or the touring kit you want to protect.

This option is perfect for drummers who prefer to move their drums easily and ensure their instruments stay more organized. It features locking latches and aluminum edges for added protection for your instrument.

This case can handle any damage I can throw at it during testing. Therefore, you can rest assured that your instrument will be completely safe when stored here.

One of the biggest advantages of drum road cases is that they have wheels, allowing you to move them around with ease.

On the downside, they’re heavy, big, and expensive options. But regarding the protection your instrument can get from this drum road case, I think it’s worth the money.

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  • Solid.
  • Value for money.
  • Highly durable
  • Come wheels for easy portability.


  • Costly
  • Bulky


What Is a Drum Case?

Drum cases are enclosures for your drums, toms, cymbals, stands, snare, and the rest of your accessories.

They are lightweight, small objects that keep your drums contained and apart.

Sometimes, these cases are made from acrylic or wood. At other times, you will find them made from hardened fiber.

Why Do I Need a Drum Case?

Drum cases protect your instrument from moisture and dust, which is common in rehearsal rooms.

They allow you to move your drums and instruments from one place to another while keeping them safe from accidental bumps that could damage them.

How Can I Size My Drum Case?

All you need to do is measure your drums by taking their diameter from the inside of the hop to the other side.

Can I Take My Drums in Soft Cases on a Plane?

We recommend avoiding carrying drums in a soft case while traveling by plane.

Soft-shell bags are poor at withstanding pressure and resisting impact, putting them at high risk of breaking into the luggage cabin of your plane.

So you should consider tough hardware cases to protect your drums during each flight.

How Should I Clean My Drum?

If you want to remove grime and dirt off drums, clean them by hand using one damp, soft cloth. It is alright to use cleaners and polishes to keep things easier and simpler.

Is Drum Bag and Case Weight Important?

While the weight of the drum bags or cases shouldn’t be the deciding factor in your choice, it’s still worth considering. The lighter the drum cases, the higher their portability, allowing you to travel more easily.

The Bottom Line

The number of drum cases sold in the market increases exponentially over time.

As a result, beginner drummers can find it difficult and overwhelming to choose something right for them.

After many tests, I have selected the three best models for drum bag, drum case, and road case, respectively:

  • Gator Cases Protechtor – Best Drum Bags
  • Hardcase Hrock 1 – Best Drum Cases
  • OSP Cases – Best Road Cases

You should also consider other options to choose the one that works best for you. Please share this article if it was helpful to you. Thanks for your time!