Richard ‘Doc Spoons’ Spooner, originally from England, is based in Switzerland and from Nov 2013 has been touring and recording with Platinum selling, 2015 Swiss Music Award “Best Male Artist” Philipp Fankhauser, contributing his sound, songwriting skills and co-producing the Gold awarded album HOME.

In recent times he has also recorded & performed with Mündart band Läärguet, Romandie Indie/ Rockers The Jamborines and Pop/Rock ar- tist Toby May from Geneva, as well as a wide variety of studio sessions.

Back in the UK, Spoons appeared on numerous shows for BBC TV & Radio, ITV, Ch4 & SKY TV and the soundtrack for award winning Holy- wood movie BOTCHED starring Sean Pertwee & Steven Dorf. He also spent 3 years touring internationally with The Aynsley Lister Band for Ruf Records Blues Caravan and the album Upside Down, and recorded on various projects with legendary producers Ian Curnow & Phil Harding.



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