All American Rejects

I always had an interest in drumming ever since I heard “paint it black” by the Rolling Stones when I was about 7.  I used to play with flyswatters and pots and pans when I was a kid and didn’t have sticks or a kit.  I played Suzuki method violin for a few years, and  Lucky for me and my parents I joined school band in sixth grade and began playing snare, toms, and drum kit after a sixth month stint on bells, xylophone and percussion.  I mowed lawns for a long while saved up 600 dollars and bought a used pearl export series for my first kit, and at 13-15 started playing black sabbath covers with a friend and then a punk/hardcore band.  I continued to play in bands until I was about to begin college for a physical therapy degree when I was 22/23, and then the rejects called, mike my childhood friend/former band mate from high school met them thru the local music scene and I played a show with his band, we opened for the rejects, they asked him to join them, he said yes, and then a couple months later they asked me to join, it’s really fun.  Fuck yeah!



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